Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Yellow-splosion Spring into Target! (With links!)

Target, sometimes you just make me happy.  When I was dying over the yellow lattice fix and wanting another room to decorate that I could make a burst of spring and fun, the super helpful Target employee offered, "You should really check out the garden things that came in. They are super duper cute."  

And, $36 later, I had 3 new pillows for a much needed spruce up for our outdoor couch.   I love butterflies and the coral just pops!  Butterlies are so representative of change and growth, and that's just where I am right this very moment.

Warning ** this photo has not been styled ** so shield that part of your brain ;).   I would have loved to have some great stylins for the table, but beginning a new chapter and a new biz makes for a busy momma!  

And, yes, I know EVERYONE spells it "mama" and yeah as "yay" but I will just always see those words as "momma" and "yeah" in my mind.  So there! 
{buy butterfly pillows here and coral lumbar pillow here}

Here's my interim card.  I'm looking for 4-5 good human beings in need of some marketing assist for my 19 years of experience and referrals are quite welcome!  Areas of expertise are:  TV & radio media plans including buys, creative & execution, and online, event, database, and social media integrated marketing campaigns.

More on the flex work solutions side to come....

And, here are the items that got me initially psyched at Target.  This storage bench with the lattice and yellow reminds me of my childhood.  It screams spring, right?!
 {Buy here for just $89.99}

Can't you see this entire look in a vacation guest room or your guest room, screened in porch, or little girl's room?  It's too sweet and innocent and fun to not completely fall in love with!
{Lampshade here for just $26.99 and I can't locate the side tables, but GO TO TARGET!!}

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