Friday, August 29, 2014

Friend Friday: Design by You

So.... don't freak out...I know... 2 posts in 1 day.  But, this has been on my mind:  I am in love with your taste.  Seriously.  I see little pockets of design brilliance in my friends homes all the time.  So why not share and inspire?  It's not just the crazy overachiever types who seem to do it all and make us want to gag.  It's you too.

I popped on Facebook and was dying!

#1 Remy, the muse, sweet thang, dog - Can you call her that?  Are dogs really that tiny??  I feel like she needs her own name.  And even her name, I want to call her Remington Steel for some reason.

#2 I am pretty much in love with everything in Bryce Smith's pad:

Where to start... I mean, "mange" backwards, the owl planter with the perfect "I'm bored off my ass" expression, the paper heads.... It's a unicorn, people.

The tree painting, which I'm convinced is Bryce-made.  Even the lamp looks good.

And..............Remy!!!  Nuff said.


Breakfast Bowl to Survive Back-to-School 4 You!

We made it through the first week of school - WHEW.  Sam began Kindergarten and Iris 2nd grade.  It was emotional.  For me.  We left our wonderful child development center after 7 years, and our baby is in elementary school.  I know.  I am a mushy mom.  I can't help it.  He looks so ready, right?

Me.  Not so much.

And, I can say Sam had no tears, only enthusiasm for more, more, more.  More of his classroom and after care.  He's exhausted, but hey, kindergarten is freakin' exhausting!

And, I'm getting through it with some good nutrition.  Here's one for all the moms & dads.  

Easy peasy breakfast bowl:
your favorite yogurt
a handful of quinoa or granola
a splash of chia seeds
sunflower seeds too
and almonds
and a good dose of berries,
especially superfood blueberries to get through it all

Good luck y'all and have a GREAT school year!! XOXO