Monday, April 21, 2014

My made up Roasted Brussels Sprout arugula toasted almond salad - BOOM!

Yummy improv salad!   My made up roasted brussels sprout arugula toasted almond salad - BOOM!

Toss Brussels sprouts, whatever number your hearts delight, with a little (1 tbs) olive oil, salt and pepper (a few twists)

Roast 35-40 min at 420 flipping every 10 min or so.  If they look a little burny, ya done it right.

Slice whole roasted almonds (or roast your own - by putting in a sauce pan on a low-ish burner and flipping every few minutes or so 'til they smell all yum and roasty)

Throw in those toasty almonds with halved grape tomatoes (so, you take a little tomato and a knife and cut it in half ;) --) and Boggy Creek Farm arugula (jump in your car and go to Boggy Creek Farm Wed-Sat 8am-1pm for the freshest just picked) or grab the packaged greens if your a time stressed mom and missed the farm.  BUT, DO promise you'll give yourself and your kids that experience oh so soon - YOU DESERVE IT! :)

Add your roasted brussels sprouts and toss in your dressing. Add shaved parmesan and a few twists of fresh pepper and VOILA!  You are the super star and you make yummies for the tummy your whole fam will like!

Dressing = 1/2 squeezed lemon, 1/4-1/2 cup olive oil to taste and salt and pepper to taste. Mix that bad boy up.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Phase II: DIY Headboard & Bench Makeover - Bedroom Remodel by Mel

Some of you know my journey for a bedroom remodel on a very tight budget without compromising a bedroom we really love.  The inspiration room:

{designer Sarah Richardson}

I envisioned a very white (like white on white) room with a grass green pop of color headboard and built in side table/window seats with storage for either side of our queen bed with black and antique brass accents around the room.  

First step = new quilt. We had a very eclectic floral persimmon Anthrolopolgie quilt that just plum wore out, despite being the softest thing on earth.  Saturated color to all white is a big change.  We literally waited 3 months for our Quatrefoil quilt to be handmade by Matteo and it was so worth it, although in the meantime I found an Anthropologie clearance quilt that I layer with it.  

I think there were 8 days of painting total although I know I've told people it was 10 or 12.  It freakin' felt like it.

Breakdown =  4 days sanding the 5 lift windows and 3 door frames in our 1941 bungalow, 2 days painting, 1 day painting doors, and 1 day painting the ceiling = pure Hell.  You can see my Phase I  full plight here and here.

P.S.  Ignore that one of the curtain rods and curtains are down temporarily due to a dry wall foul.

Phase II:  Headboard and bench

The bench was so threadbare that nobody in a decade has seen it without a throw on top.  The maroon one at the end of the bed was on it during Christmas time, a rust & brown one the rest of the year.  So, there's no true before and after of the bench.  And the before of the headboard is, well, non-existent.  I've actually never had a headboard.

I should also mention we lowered the bed to the box spring and bought a pretty white box spring cover for a finished look. We plan to raise the curtains nearly to the ceiling and with the high headboard and euro shams, it will hopefully make the room look larger.

The Inspiration:

I searched for 6 months or more for the perfect green fabric.   Como Linen Velvet in Grass Green.  I found it here at Fabric On the Net, and since it was a huge splurge at $85 per yard, it scared the living daylights out of me.  There were lots of swatches going back and forth.  And my frugal heart didn't spare a thread.  I bought 3 yards - 2 for the headboard, 1 for the bench.                                                             

I'm making linen cotton covers for the Euro shams that reside naked as of now and plan to frame my prize lady (I won her in a FB 24 hour auction benefiting the Filipino refugees earlier this year) from my friend & neighbor Jennifer Balkan in a demur brass frame to live above the headboard with brass sconces in the curved carved out area on either side for bedtime reading.  See Jennifer's work here.
{Jennifer Balkan painting - oil on map}

Next on the list Phase III: Built-in side table/window seats
These will be side tables with a window seat combo to flank either side of the bed.  We have two windows on either side of the bed and on the adjoining wall.  I've always been a fan of window seats and the bonus is two storage benches, side table book storage, and drawers on both sides. It's time for Mike's "come with" furniture (as in, this furniture comes with this single dude) and my childhood furniture to make way for our grown up space.

Next post, the DIY tutorial for the bench makeover and headboard.  For now, I'm "Ester" Bunny'd out.  Hope you all had a Happy Easter!