Sunday, December 15, 2013

EEEK!! The search is over: velvet DIY tufted headboard

I am so excited I can barely breathe.  After the LOOONG search and lots of swatches for the perfect green velvet upholstery fabric for my DIY velvet tufted headboard, I found her!!!!

Here she is, grass green velvet upholstery fabric:

{you can find her here}

I have been on the search for months and months... Every swatch was too bright, too dark, too cheap feeling, and just...not right.  I thought I wanted Kelly green, but even after contacting the designer behind this look, Palmer Weiss which we all loved, we could not find the exact same fabric.  

And, the grass green is actually a better fit color-wise for the room than kelly green would have been.  She was NOT a cheap date, which freaks me out, meaning, I have to be the queen of execution for this DIY headboard - no room for error.  SCARY!  

The inspiration, Sarah Richardson's bedroom:

And, other tufted headboards that I fancy:

I was considering doing one similar to the white headboard above including the nailhead detail but straight across for a more clean-line, modern feel but, I'm now thinking of one similar to the slight curve on each end.... Hmmmm........ we shall see.  Stay tuned.