Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Flor Delight!!

Since this summer, I'd been thinking about doing something fun for the kids new bunk bed room makeover.  We've had the same shabby chic light pink 3.5X5.5 rug for 6 years and it was on it's last leg.  In fact, so embarrassingly bad I will NOT even post a photo.

We'd done Flor tiles about 7 years ago in our Shack (above) and really loved the concept of them but we weren't sure we wanted to attach them to our nice hardwood floors versus the shack's plywood.  

Then, GREAT news.  I found out from a friend they had updated them and the Flor tiles no longer stuck to what was below them, but had plastic circle stickers that attached the tiles to each other = no adhesive on your floors.  

Starting at about $10/tile with no rug pad needed makes them one of the least expensive rug options.   The ability to replace a bad tile and pick them up and clean them makes them perfect for any high traffic, high wearability area like a kid's room.

Flor has such a great site and is such a well designed product.  They make the process so simple with their FlorBuilder Design Tool area, you can see your design before you order, dimensions and all.
Here's my design using pink, burgundy, and green tiles from the Parallel Reality line.  

When I got my Flor box in the mail a few short days after ordering online.... butterflies and tingles all over with the anticipation of what our design would look like in the space.  

And, voila!  Kid approved!  Iris & Sam love them and we do too.  A burst of color to create instant fun!

Saturday, December 22, 2012 holiday wish for you

These are the kiddos in our family including my two.

As the holiday celebrations begin and families and friends gather near, my holiday wish for you is to believe.  

Believe in innocence, the good in the world, the magic of the human spirit, and even a fairy or two.