Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Colorado or bust!

This last week we hit it to the cool draw of Colorado, like most Texans in the sweltering summers trying to escape the unforgiving heat.  Although hotter than a normal Colorado summer, it has been an amazing trip into the mountains. 

I spotted this photo last week and kept thinking, how fun would this be on a road trip with adults, that is?  You bring the libations and have a camper. F-U-N!!!

Our trip to Drake and Colorado Springs has been a little more like this:

{Estes Park, Sam bonding with Dad at the Rotary Club festival}
{Breakfast as it should be with good friends and 
beautiful scenery!  Thanks for hosting us 
Valerio-Bosters.  Drake, Colorado}
{Hiking 6.1 miles up Mt. Rasberry with the 5 under 8. 
Aunt Sarah, Uncle D, and cousins Ellie, Anna, & 2 yr old Grace 
are hiking maniacs - who knew?!}

{At the top of Mt. Rasberry.  I could only hope my children feel this way 
about me one day.  This still makes me tear up}

{Mike and Iris giving me palpitations, seriously, at the top of Mt. Rasberry.  
Elevation:  9000 feet.  I felt like I was channeling my Mom while
seeing my daredevils do this.  Panic... Panic...Panic}

{And...Sam could have cared less about the view.  
He was only concerned with the abundance of his
ladybug friends at the top}

{My thoughts exactly Sam....}

Zzzzzz........a few more days of bliss and then, back to reality!  

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Leafy power! How to get your kids to eat greens. Really.

I just saw this on a friend's FB post and was so inspired to share.

I've become such a believer in leafy greens and can't tell you how much better I feel in general, health wise, since incorporating them into our food on an almost daily basis.

I used to buy packaged baby spinach, but I discovered how much better we like the spinach bunch at the grocery store.  I know that's not the technical term but, that's how it's sold, in a big bunch.  It's way different than the prepacked variety - more tasty, thicker, just...better tasting and even costs less.

I especially love that my kiddos have become fond of a little side salad.  It's so easy.  A few spinach leafs, a grape tomato, baby carrots, and cucumber slices and voila - healthy kid salad.  I always throw in a little avocado too, if it's on hand.  It helps that kids like everything dry usually. 

No salad dressing = even healthier = :) Momma.

The pasta dish (recipe here) has become a family favorite but, Iris and Sam don't like the cooked spinach and red pepper flakes, so I make their version first...then, add in the rest for mine which makes Mom a happy camper too :).  I added the grape tomatoes last time while mine was cooking and YUM!

Just a few little tidbits on how to get more nutrition in you and your entire family's life and ward off those visits to the pediatrician and doctor.  Salud!