Saturday, April 27, 2013

Coveted...seeking design objects I'm obsessing over

There are those things you discover on a journey to redesign your space, covet like nothing else, and cannot imagine not having.....

For me, those are these gorgeous sconces; the Antony and Eye sconces from French designer Serge Mouille.

I saw them, pinned them, and couldn't get them out of my head.  You can see why....I mean, it's perfectly clear, right?

As this bedroom design comes together bit by little bit, I thought....these are modern perfection, bringing black into the white white space and perfect to go above the white built in side tables to perch on either side of the deep kelly green velvet tufted headboard that I'm closer and closer to deciding I will make, the perfect focal feature of the space.  Only today, did I actually realize they are (choke me - $2050 each!).

Damn middle age design angst!!  If only I were a rich, gay guy and not a middle class mom, I would just do it.

I originally was thinking a pair of the Robert Abbey pharmacy style brushed bronze lamps on either side of the bed ala this:

But, now, I've just got the Mouille Eye on the brain.  Nothing else seems to compare (ahem)...

So, we remember what we are dealing with: blank canvass bedroom freshly painted Benjamin Moore's Chantilly Lace (taped space represents side table/storage/bench built in):

Here is my color inspiration for the headboard:

Pretty with the Phillip Jeffries raffia I'm obsessed with for the bottom 1/3 of my white, white walls, right?

I'm also on the hunt for the perfect pairing of vintage botanicals to go above my black with gold painted butterfly armoire like these below I spotted on One King's Lane a few weeks back, but not $800.  Naturally, I'm drawn to the irises most....

Design wanderlust for my dreamland bedroom....

Friday, April 12, 2013

My Bedroom Makeover...Green? Yellow? Brass? Black?

A few more images that inspire me for this room - LOVE them both.

This green bedroom has just the amount of black and green touches I'm looking for.  I love the bed skirt which I hadn't considered.  I was going to go with a diamond matelasse box spring cover like the one below and lower my bed to the floor (about 2 1/2 inches lower) to meet the built-ins bed stands/benches with storage I envision on either side:

So, you remember my Missy Elliott reno work.  Here are the seventy year old uglies I was dealing with and learning how to repair and camouflage to work on my DIY budget.

See here and here to catch up cause this momma is too tired to replay ;)

So, terrified, I started painting... Chantilly Lace, here we go!  That pit at the bottom of my stomach looking at white on white on my pretty (although who knows how old) warm yellow that somehow always seemed neutral to me was making me seriously wonder about my choice.

So, here is the before.  Ignore junk on floor on the left (not part of the room!)  Notice tape where built-in benches/side tables are meant to go.  Yes, I am standing in the closet. 

The curtains now look dingy!  We were planning on replacing them with similar white, white gauzy curtains (hopefully from Ikea) and are going to raise the rods (which were handmade by the former owner customized for the window) to make the room look larger.  This, with lowering the bed a few inches, and adding 26X26 Euro shams ($30 including tax for 2 online!) - which came in and I am thrilled with, will work with the effect. After the photo below, I spent 5 hours painting the ceiling.  I have to say it was TOTALLY worth it.  Makes the room look like painted perfection and now, makes me want to paint all of the ceilings.

Behind the bed, I am considering either making a tufted green headboard or great artwork like these from Wisteria.  They would match my black armoire with gold painted butterflies and work well.

This mirror would move to the dresser area on the right.  My childhood dresser will be Craig's Listed and something similar to this in it's place.  Something warm and with a history.

Above is the photo of the base boards and doors painted Chantilly Lace and bottom is the walls as well.  Makes my off white frame look dingy, eh?  I have a matching frame that I'm about to put photos in for the other side and am either going to spray paint both flat white or black.  Haven't decided.  The grasscloth wallpaper will be on the bottom third of the room.

Since these photos, the bed has been lowered so it will fit in to the same height as the built in end tables/benches and the ceiling has been painted.  Next step for the weekend = raise the curtain rods.

Lowered bed + raised curtains + euro shame + chantilly white walls = larger, more peaceful bedroom.

Okay, okay....I know it is very blank canvas right now.  Layers, layers, layers....Next big step...hire the carpentar, build the tape lined side tables/benches/storage spaces.  

Now, off to the yard and planting with Everything Boy!