Sunday, April 12, 2015

Pokemon DIY cards your kids will flip for!

OK, it's 2015.  I know I've been fickle, not really here for you....that's a changin'.....

So, a sweet kid named Benjamin brought THE best Valentine's gifts a kid could imagine to school this year:  personalized Pokemon cards!

My kiddos Iris & Sam went BALLISTIC.  Ob-sessed.  They had to have them, had to make there own, and knew there dad an effects guru could make it be.  I was cautiously told they'd made a purchase, a laminator as they quickly imparted it was only $19.99 at the office supply store.  I broke into a huge smile.  I'm not that big of a tightwad.  Totally worth occupying hours upon hours of my kid's time.

So....full Saturdays later, Mike and the kids patiently worked on creating their cards by using photos or drawing their own images and scanning them, making them come alive, and laminating their favorites.  The laminator is small about the size of a 3 ring hole-punch.

Sam & Iris actually do something I'm quite proud of.  They share their Pokemon cards in one binder and discuss all their trades and cards with one another.  That quite literally is one of my proudest mom moments to date.

So, here are the goods!

Now you've got something fun to do the rest of this dreary Sunday, other than forts & movies galore!

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